waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Model NHV-1
Brand NHV
Unit set
Min order 1
Supply ability 5-20
Payment TT/LC
Port Port EXW
Certification CE
Country China
Packaging Nude Packing
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waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Equipment other Details:                                                                                                 
Name: Auto Smart Fully Continuous Waste Processing Plant

Model#: NHV1S-10,NHV1S-20,NHV1S-30,NHV1S-50  others
Application: Waste tire and others
Structure: Horizontal type 
Cubage: 15m³,20m³,30m³ others
Capacity: 10T, 20T, 30T,50T
Materail: Q245R/Q345R/Q304/Q316L
Reactor Size: φ1200mm×7000mm etc.
Motor: 3kw,5.5kw, 7.5kw
Work Pressure: Ordinary Pressure,Negative micro-press
Cooling: Water cooling
Heating source: Gas,fuel,electricity etc.

Project Procedure                                                                                                              

Process Chart                                                                                                                          

Process description                                                                                                             

1,Pre-scrap Process: Srap the tire≤50mm×50mm
2,Pyrolysis Process:
Feeding small tire materiel with catalyst(optional) to pyrolysis reactor through extruder,under anaerobic condition,and constant temperature control system plus high temperature gas regenerative cycle system,it make pyrolysis process more safety and more efficiency.
The prolysis reaction as below:

Cabon Black:C
Dry Gas:

Light Oil Part:C5H10 C12H24;
Diesel Part:C12H26 C20H42;
Heavy Oil Part:>C12H26
(After 2nd time pyrolysis,it will become to LC fraction)

3,Distilation and Waste Gas Purfication:
After distilation tower and mulistage condensor process,can have light oil,diesel fraction,and non-condensableflammable gas.。
The flammable gas will send to burner chamber after purification process,the purificate exhaust gas will send back to pyrolysis reactor through gas recycle system.
After pyrolysis,except the oill and gas,it will have carbon black at the same time.

Raw Materail:Waste tire

Output Products:
No.1-Fuel Oil:      
No.2-Cabon Black:  35%-38%
No.3-Steel Wire:    9%-11%
No.4-Dry Gas:      8%-10%around
(Purificate first and send back to burnig chamber)

Exhaust Gas after multistage purification processed, the gas emission can reach GB16297-1997(Chinese national standard for atmospheric environment quality) and DB44/27-2001 standard level.


1, Smart Control:more security,dual data control on computer and moblie app.
2, Environmental Protection:
Enclosed production all the way, no leakage and no dust loss.
Exhaust gas multistage processed, gas emission reach China standard.
3, Continuously production: Auto feeding,smart metering discharging
4, Others:
Multilevel cooling design, to get more fuel oil
Rotatory pyrolysis process, no coking

With distillation system and chemical process,output oil more high quality. 

Model#: NHV1S-10,NHV1S-20,NHV1S-30,NHV1S-50  others
Application: Waste tire and others
Structure: Horizontal type 
Cubage: 15m³,20m³,30m³ others
Capacity: 10T, 20T, 30T,50T
Materail: Q245R/Q345R/Q304/Q316L
Reactor Size: φ1200mm×7000mm etc.
Motor: 3kw,5.5kw, 7.5kw
Work Pressure: Ordinary Pressure,Negative micro-press
Cooling: Water cooling
Heating source: Gas,fuel,electricity etc.

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