waste tire cutting machine

Brand NHV
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Min order 1
Supply ability 5-20
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 waste tire cutting machine


 Our pyrolysis machine can convert waste plastic, tyre and rubber etc into fuel oil in normal pressure. the fuel oil 

 can be refined throught the oil distillation machine to the deisel, gasoline,and machine oil.Zero emission, high 

 efficiency, our pyrolysis plant not only can resolve the problem of the waste plastic/tyre and pollution,but also can 

 bring substantial benefits for you.

♦ Basic configuration with mature manufacturing, installation and operatinf technology.
♦ Auto tire shredding system, auto feeding and carbon/stell discharging system.
♦ Totally sealed to forbid gas/odor leaking out
♦ Rotary running that ensure the heating is efficient and energy saving.
♦ Convenient to feed material.
♦ High efficient tubular condensing system.
♦ Last heat insulating layer with longer service time


  Continuous type:NHV-1S

  Equipped with full automatic tire shredder system.Tire wire machine will pull out wire in side tires and tire bead,

  then tire crusher will crush tires into piece for 10-15mm


  Our NHV-1S waste tire/plastic/rubber pyrolysis plant with high daily capacity, equipmented with safety device

 (alarm for over temperature and pressure, auto pressure releasing system,extra gas recycling system, fire 

  fighting deviceand advanced deducting system(dust chemical removing tank, ceramic ring filtering system 

  and alkali sprayers) which will guarantee safety and no pollution in production.

  Put the raw material into the reactor,and then heat the burner. The oil gas from reactor will be separated in the 

  manifold.The heavy oil gas will drop down and be stored in the slag oil tank, while the light gas will rise up to the

  condenser.After cooling,gas turns into liquid and flows to the oil tank.The remained gas that cannot be liquified 

  will enter the hydroseal,and then return to the burner to be burnt after the edulcoration and desulfuration.




  Operated in normal pressure condition and vacuum pressure condition, which can be turn pyrolysis oil into 

  diesel, machine oil and gasoline. Latest hot air heating system,which can increase reactor´s life time for extra 

  1-2 years. Totally sealed distillation reactor and distillation tower,auto feeding and discharging.





  60-65 working days for delivery after advanced payment. 


 Guangzhou Newhope Valley Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “NHV”)was established

 in 2013, is the one specialized is engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing ,it is a enterprise 

 integrated scientific research, production, selling. NHV loated in Panyu district,Guangzhou.